The bars are an avoidable parts of the night scene in Salt Lake City ut travel. The main attraction at most of the bars is the weekend live performances, besides the sumptuous variety of wine and other brewery products being served across all the city bars. If you are looking for a good dining experience at the bars, you should try some of the steak houses and Lebanese pubs in the city.

The cuisine restaurants make the city one of the brightest when it comes to serving world platters and the bars are definitely not far behind on that front. The city bars are also known for their hospitality, especially when it comes to seeing to your safety when you are about to drive home drunk.

A complete list of bars in SLC

O' Shuck's Bar and Grill is a chain meant to dine and wine with your friends, partners or a large family. The place is best known to be a relaxed one providing a cozy atmosphere for all customers. O' Shuck's has facilities in 3 different places of the city and that makes Salt Lake City travel for tourists easy if they are visiting any of the facilities.

Gorgoza Pines, Park City and East 100 South are the places, any of which can be tried out. Kristauf's Martini Bar on Market Street is a great venue for trying out special and recommended drinks. The bar specializes in a variety of cocktails meant for different tastes. The facility is also reputed serve a great DJ music.

O' Shuck's locations

Porcupine Pub and Grille, and Tavernacle Social Club are the other prominent names when it comes to Bars in Salt Lake City. The facilities are located on East Fort Union Blvd., and East Broadway respectively providing a peaceful atmosphere in the early evenings.

Food and beer at Porcupine and Grille

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