Cultural Events

Salt Lake City is a great place for a lot of round the year cultural vibrancy amongst the theatres, concerts, art exhibitions and seasonal events held in various establishments in the city. The internationally acclaimed film festivals, intensive involvement of the city's arts council and a superb event organization network drawing world famous artists form a fantastic cohesion of a cultural cocoon for people visiting and staying in Salt Lake City Utah. It is quite breathtaking to be a part of any of the city's cultural events especially the International Jazz festival and the Sundance Film Festival.

Cultural events on government website

Famous galleries and parks for big concerts are a commonplace. The Art Institute in Salt Lake City is known for hosting various cultural events mainly with regards to music, literature, philosophy, art and history.

World famous figures frequent places like Calvary Chapel, University of Utah Concert Hall, Murray Super Theatre, The Depot and Energy Solutions Arena, which host world class shows on a regular basis. The shows feature some of undoubtedly the best talents across the world. As a tourist we would strongly advise tourists who travel Salt Lake City UT to keep your evenings open for exhibitions events and screening of films.

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The State Room on S. Main Street is a 300 seat live music venue which boasts of one of the best acoustics and provides for the booking of private events. From various musicals to group and band performances, the venue has been a host to some of the best in the circuit. We would recommend a visit to this limited capacity hall and advise advance bookings for most shows. Travel deals to Salt Lake City may include free visits to certain performances in case your travel dealer offers.

The State Room

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