For a Great Dining Experience - A Gourmet Guide to the Best Local Food in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah, a state of United States and is the most populated city in the state. If offers so many nature activities to tourists for example, a tourist can explore so many national parks available in the city or they can do shopping in boutiques and shopping malls. After a tiring day of exploring the places, art and culture in Sun Lake City, you can have best local food and a great Salt Lake City dining experience at many fine dining restaurants.

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Some very famous restaurants in Salt Lake City are:

The Five Alls Restaurant: It is 40years old restaurant in the city and serving residents and visitors with its tasty dishes. Five-course meal is served to visitors with soup and fresh fruit, hors d'ouvres, salad greens and main course which have so many choices like filet of halibut, lobster and steak and dessert. You have to reserve seats in advance to enjoy dinner in this restaurant.

Market Street Grill: It is the finest sea food restaurant in the city since 1980. It is the most popular restaurant I the city and best for business meetings. The menu consists of seafood dishes like shrimp cocktail and so many varieties of fishes.

Faustina Restaurant: It is very chic and stylish restaurant for dining or cocktails. In dinner, you will get soup, salad and so many Italian varieties.

To serve you with delicious local food, there are so many other fine dining restaurants other then this like the Aerie restaurant, The Bayou, Benihana and lot more. You can find so much information about restaurants in Salt Lake City while surfing on the internet. Some websites to know more about these restaurants are:

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