For a Superior Dining Experience - Best Seafood Restaurants in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a hub for good sea food. No one knows why people love sea food so much in the city. It's probably because of the availability of good chefs in the city who know how to produce yummy sea food dishes.

There are a number of sea food restaurants in Salt Lake City. Though, not all of them would be classed as top notch sea food restaurant, yet, there are few you would love to go for eating delicious sea food.

The best among them is the Christopher's sea food restaurant. The restaurant is considered as the best sea food restaurant in the state.

They have also been awarded the best seafood restaurant by culinary special site

They are known to collect some of the best raw materials from around the world and cook them for you.

Best sea food restaurant in Salt Lake City

Market street grill is located on west Market Street in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is another popular sea food joint in the city.

You would find the restaurant has a very good chef who knows the taste of its guests, and prepares lovely delectable dishes.

Read reviews of market street grill

Market street oyster bar is another very popular sea food restaurant in the west market street.

Market street oyster bar in Salt Lake City

Naked fish Japanese bistro is another restaurant that serves sea food, though it is more popular for serving sushis.

Japanese sea food restaurant

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