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Great Salt Lake situated in Utah. In the western hemisphere it is the largest salt lake and in the world it is the fourth largest terminal lake. It covers an area of approximately 1700 square miles. It is the remainder of the Lake Bonneville which used to cover in the ancient times most of western Utah.

The Salt Lake has high saline water. Around 1.1 million tons of minerals are deposited in the lake every year by the three tributaries Bear, Jordan and Weber rivers. It is also known as 'America's Dead Sea', but is the home for many local birds. If you have made Salt Lake City Utah travel plans then a visit to the lake side is a must. So make plans and avail one of the many Salt Lake City travel deals to visit this beautiful and fascinating place.

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The Great Salt Lake has many legends associated to it one of them being that a horrifying monster inhabiting the lake. You can get fascinating views of the lake from the Ensign Peak, or the trails on Antelope Island and also at the bench region of the cities if Farmington, Bountiful and Centerville.

You can go kayaking on the Great Salt Lake and explore many parts of the lake. Missing out the lake during your Salt Lake City Utah travel plans would be a huge mistake so chalk your travel plans well. And for assistance you can avail the Salt Lake City travel deals which are available so that you can enjoy our trip thoroughly.

The two state parks in the Great Salt Lake provide many recreational activities. For recreational activities at Great Salt Lake you can go swimming, sunbathing or sailing at the Antelope Island State Park.

Other activities include camping, mountain biking and hiking at the Antelope Island. The Great Lake is easily accessible and hence head straight to this place as soon as you enter the state.

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