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Abravanel Hall, formerly The Symphony Hall, is a concert hall in the downtown area of Salt Lake City. It was renamed in May 1993 after Maurice Abravanel, a conductor of classical music in the same hall. Opened in 1979 with a budget of $12 million and 3 years of construction, it stood as an architectural landmark of the city. It was designed by Dr. Cyril M. Harris, the renowned acoustical consultant for many master pieces in USA and hence the hall has great acoustics serving its purpose of hosting Symphonies. For more articles on the art and cultural centers around the globe, read our articles that give you complete information.
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Enjoying Utah Symphony: Abravanel Hall Schedule, Events and Concert Tickets Info

Abravanel Hall is a renowned concert hall located at the heart of the Salt Lake City in Utah where you can enjoy the Utah Symphony. Originally known as the Symphony hall, the building is a masterpiece in terms of architecture and style. It is centrally located near the downtown area, adjacent to the Salt Palace and Temple Square.

Apart from the most popular musical event Utah Symphony, other annual musical concerts such as the Deer Valley Festivals, Utah Opera and several other musical and cultural events take place in this hall. The hall is a part of the Salt Lake County Center for the Arts.

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You can enjoy the number of Utah Symphony performances that take place in the hall. These include orchestra, violin, piano and other musical retreats that are played by famous musicians, instrumentalists and vocal performers.

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Concert tickets are available for all the shows at the Salt Lake County Center for the Arts. The maximum number of tickets is sold for Utah Symphony and Utah Opera, the two most popular events. Tickets are also available for other events such as community theatre shows, touring symphonies and ballet performances. It is always a good idea to book the tickets in advance especially for the more popular shows.

There are dim chances of getting tickets on the current day of the event. For ticket information online, you can go through the internet and get the contact details of a number of ticket booking agencies and event management firms.

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