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Beehive House which was once the home of Brigham Young and his family from 1854 to 1877 has now turned into a historic place. It is located to the south of Temple Square. Young who endeavored to establish civilization of the Salt Lake City made the house designed, by Tyller Angell, with a beehive on the top that stands as a symbol of industriousness and productivity. It now stands as a museum for the visitors to study the way the family lived. To know more about historic buildings and museums across the cities of world, read our historic information filled articles.
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A Personal Guide to Affordable Hotels Close to Beehive House in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the capital city of the United States state Utah. The Beehive House serves as a mansion in the city. The Beehive house is surrounded by several accommodation options such as motels, hotels, rental apartments and more. you can see a wide range of affordable hotels around the Beehive house.

The cheap and best hotels near Beehive house are Motel 6, Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City, Marriott Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Plaza hotel at Temple Square and many more. you can check the cheap hotel list in the online websites or the hotel guide of the city. They provide the complete listing of the hotels with their prices and description.

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Motel 6 is the best and most affordable hotel in the beehive house. The motel is serving the city with affordable rates. The basic amenities of the Motel 6 are Free local calls, free morning coffee, free accommodation for kids, pet friendly and rooms for the disabled people.

The Howard Johnson Salt Lake city is the award winning lodging option in Salt Lake City. The hotel is situated near the major attractions of Salt Lake City. The hotel features best valued price with discounts and deals. The facilities of the hotels are free internet connection, fitness center, pet friendly and swimming pool.

The Marriott city center is the best hotel located in the heart of Downtown. Check and compare the prices of the available hotels in the city to choose the best which suites your budget.

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Tour Guide to the Temple Square: Info about Beehive House

Temple Square in Salt Lake City is the most populous tourist place which has nearly 20 attractions related to the history of Mormon Pioneer. The visitors can see the most of the attraction in a short period of time. Parking in Temple square is expensive the alternate solution for the expensive parking is better the visitors can take taxis and other public transportation to visit Temple Square.

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There is an option to visit Beehive House which is located in the Temple square. The free 30 minute tour of the Beehive House will help you to see all the attractions around and the buildings in the House.

Beehives House is a primitive type of building made from a circle of stone with a doomed roof. The building is called by the name as it has a structure of the straw beehive. The house is one of the two official residences of Brigham Young who was the president of LDS church. The house is constructed of adobe and sandstone.

The Beehive House is built in 1854. It offers numerous pleasant decorated rooms including the play room, the kitchen, the family room, the fairy castle, and the sitting room. The house is located at the corner of the State Street and South temple, just east of the Temple Square. The house hours are from Monday to Saturday 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. In the holidays and Sundays the hours will be from 1.00 am to 1.00 pm.

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