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Tourist Guide to Most Preferred Restaurants near Broadway Centre Cinemas in Salt Lake City

The Broadway Centre Cinemas are a great destination for tourists who would like to watch indie movies or other foreign films. The BCC can be found at the 111 East Broadway and 300 South in Salt Lake City, which is the largest and the capital city of Utah. The place is nearby the downtown hotels in the city but if you would like to dine and taste the best of Salt Lake, there are plenty restaurants where you can drop by to satisfy your hunger.

If you would just like to grab a bite of your favorite sandwiches or subs, there are fast foods within walking distance such as the Green Pig Pub and Toaster's. However, if you would like to eat your favorite Chinese foods, you can visit one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Salt Lake City which is Cindy Lee Cafe. This is just 0.2 miles away from the Broadway Centre Cinemas.

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Italian tourists on the other hand can enjoy their favorite dishes and pizza at the Este Pizzeria or at the Atlantic Cafe and Market, which has a mix of Italian, European and Mediterranean cuisines. Make sure that you plan your night out at the Broadway Centre Cinemas, which are being managed by the Salt Lake Film Society.

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With six auditoriums, the Broadway Centre Cinemas can hold more than 1400 people. They are open from 11 AM to 11 PM. You can check their show times at their website.

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