City Creek Canyon

City Creek Canyon is just a 15 minute walk away from the downtown area. Despite the distance from the city, this isolated place stands as a major center for cycling, recreation and hiking. The streams of City Creek flowing from the canyon into the Jordan river. With various habitats found along the canyon from dense bush to lush green alleys, it acts as a major bird watching center too. People are often seen here rediscovering the canyon by carrying on their activities of photography, walking, jogging and cycling. To find many more such locations in other cities, read our articles that have loads of information.
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City Creek Canyon

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Collecting Info On The Hiking And Mountain Biking Opportunities Available In City Creek Canyon

City Creek Canyon is the location of the city creek, a small but important stream and is located a mile from Salt Lake City's central District. It not only a treasures amenity for the residents but also a source of tranquility thanks to its natural sanctuary.


City Creek Canyon Park and nature preserve can be accessed using a vehicle by going along the B street and 11th Avenue to Bonneville Boulevard. The visitor should then turn right at Canyon Road and move approximately 300 feet to the Canyon Gate House. Vehicles are allowed on all holidays and even calendar days but are closed during winter and odd numbered calendar days.

The information on the rules and regulations in the Canyon can be obtained from the Public Utility department, they will provide information such as the opening and closing times of the canyon as well as other basic rules that are required of the visitors.

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Mountain Biking and Hiking trails

There is a number of information available in the Internet on the various trails that can be used by the hikers and bikers. The information covers a wide spectrum such as the various trails available and the geography of the area as well. The other type of information availed by these sites is the times to hike and cycle in the area. The also offer dome of the functional tips that will keep walkers, hikers and bikes safe as well as enable them enjoy their activities.

Other Sources

There are various hikers and mountain bikers have written down their expeditions on the City Creek Canyon and the visitors can get books and journals that will provide them with insight on the various tips and tricks to be undertaken while they are hiking and cycling in the Canyon. These books and journals are available over the Internet as well as in various Book stores.