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Clark Planetarium established in 2003 replacing Hansen Planetarium is located in the Gate way District of Salt Lake City. The production team creates and distributes its own digital dome cinema some of which include "Attack of the space pirates", "Fight to the Moon", "Extreme planets " and many more that were regarded well in various planetariums they were hosted in. Its programs help educating over 80,000 students a year with good video visuals. For details about planetariums in other cities, read our articles that list out all the planetariums in the prominent cities.
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Discover Universe at Your Fingertips - Pay a Visit to Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City

Clark Planetarium is one of the main tourist and local attractions in Salt Lake City. The planetarium is known for popular presentations related astronomy that includes laser show and multi-vision effects. The planetarium is situated at 110, South 400 west, Salt Lake City Utah - 84101 1145. For any kind of enquiries or reservation residents can call planetarium information center by dialing +1 801 456 7827. Clark planetarium operates between 10.30 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Thursday, from 10.30 AM to 11 PM on Friday & Saturday and from 10.30 AM to 8 PM on Sundays.

Location, operating hours and contact details of Clark Planetarium

Clark planetarium houses a science store, specialized library and interactive museum. The study materials and exhibits offer youngsters an interesting look at universe. In addition the museum features space flights (simulated), laser lights and star shows dedicated for children's. The planetarium imparts education through special and summer programs suitable for all age groups that are scheduled all through a year.

Description of Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium was opened to public during April 2003, replacing historic Hansen Planetarium as a result of grant from Clark Foundation and in association of Salt Lake County. The productions at planetarium are used as science informal resource by several institutes to educate children's about universe. Additionally the planetarium features an IMAX certified screen theater called ATK IMAX that emphasizes on nature and science shows or films.

Education and features of Clark Planetarium

The show tickets in Clark Planetarium would cost about 9 dollars for adults and 5 dollars for children's and senior citizens. The tickets can be purchased in ticket counters at planetarium or through online websites. For convenience of customers the planetarium accepts payments through cash, major credit cards and traveler's cheque.

Ticket rates and modes of payment

Introduction of Benefits from Planetarium Education Programs in Clark Planetarium

The Clark planetarium, located in the gateway district, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Was inaugurated in April 2003 by the famous Clark foundation. This planetarium provides a classic digital dome theatre which is of about 55 foot. The capacity of the theatre is around 210 seats. The theater is a complete 3D movie production with live narrations of the ongoing programs.

Information about Clark planetarium

Clark planetarium helps in presenting all the fact of science related stuff through the educational movies programs. The planetarium educates over 75000 students every year through its shows and educative movies and documentaries. Most of the famous topics includes in their program are Newton's law of motion, moons phases, the entire solar system and the galaxy. Science adventure camp is one of the well known community program.

Clark Planetarium - community program

Field trips are also conducted by the planetarium at free of cost to the students. But the reservations should be made 2 weeks prior. Students of Private schools are also given special discount. The planetarium helps in building up the students carrier by showing various motivational educations movies and program. Few of the program are Secret of the Cardboard Rocket, Stars of the Pharaohs, ultimate universe and many more. The most loved documentaries are black holes, extreme planets etc.

Clark Planetarium - field trips

Students are explained the whole concept of solar system and the galaxy and are also explained the true facts about them. They are made conscious about the use of eco friendly atmosphere.