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Gallivan Center of Downtown, Salt Lake city is a place where cultural events and entertainment programs are conducted all through the year in an outdoor space. Opened in 1993, John W. Gallivan Utah Center, often referred as outdoor living room, by its citizens holds activities from Rock Fests to free Luncheon, personal Talent shows to Movie shows. It also hosts skating for its citizens. All in all, this is a place that brings back your energies and creativity. For more outdoor arenas and fun places, read our articles that carry loads of information with them.
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Never Miss Gallivan Center - the Focal Point of Downtown Salt Lake City

Gallivan Center is a famous urban plaza settled in the heart of downtown area of Salt Lake City, Utah. It was opened in the year 1993 and is also known as John W. Gallivan Utah Center, which is named in the honor of John W. Gallivan.

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The center is located between State and Main and 200 South and Broadway, which serves as the Salt Lake City's outdoor living room. It is furnished with an assortment of unique art projects, light wells, ice rink, an amphitheater/stage, large chess board, and an aviary.

Crowd is usually seen here for weekday lunches, as well as during lunch time concerts. Then there are countless events held, so as to fill the Gallivan Center with people. Especially, the place is popular as summertime twilight concerts. Visiting here in September will dish out the opportunity to attend the str2Blues and Brewsstr2 festival, which is held in the one of month's weekends. The center was recognized as a popular gathering place during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

Next is the Kazuo Matsubayashi's Asteroid Landed Softly Sundial that is one of the outstanding features set inside the plaza. Again the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City is owned by the Gallivan Center.

Events to Be Held At Gallivan Center

Salt Lake City Public Services is partnered with an RDA which provides the high-end management, programming and maintenance. Both of these entities are set working towards establishing a public space that has the usefulness to serve a recreational, educational and vocational site.

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Non-Stop Holiday Fun - Enjoy Popular Cultural Events at Gallivan Center

Gallivan center is a 5 acre urban plaza located in the heart of the city with a public park, skating rink, performance stage and variety of other places to sit and eat. The actual name of this park is John W. Gallivan Utah Center.

The Gallivan center is owned by Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City in partnership with RDA for managing, programming and maintenance. Both these entities are constantly striving to provide recreational, educational and vocational sites for people of all ages. In fact Gallivan was one of the most sought after places especially during 2002 winter Olympic Games.

This park is full of life and houses several unique projects, an amphitheatre, ice rink and a huge outdoor chess board. You would also find several vintage points which make this place all the more comfortable to enjoy the events scheduled round the year.

Another major reason behind growing popularity of this park is its accessibility. This cneter is accessible from the entire city through various means of transports. It has a light rail transit stop to the west, bus stop on three sides, walk ways and pedestrian surfaces.

The Salt Lake City produces a good number of public programs that include Twilight Concert series in summer and living Traditional Festival in the month of May. In fact Gallivan center acts as a focal point for residents of Downtown Salt Lake City to gather for lunch or various other occasions and events like fairs, parades, festivals and holiday celebrations.

The Gallivan center can also be rented for private parties like family reunions or weddings. The Salt Lake City and country building is home to annual Salt Lake International Jazz festival. The Youth city program is known for offering a wide range of art classes and experiences.

Before concluding, we would once again like to reiterate that this is the perfect holiday spot for people who want non stop entertainment.

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For A Wonderful Highland Bagpipe Experience: Visit to Gallivan Center

John W. Gallivan is the former legendary publisher of Salt Lake City's largest circulated daily newspaper, the Salt Lake Tribune, from 1960 - 1984. Because of his great literary contributions, the urban plaza popularly known in the heart of Salt Lake City the John W. Gallivan Utah Center, was named after him in 1993. Know more on Wiki.

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The center is located between 200 South and Broadway, and State and Main. You can take the UTA TRAX station adjacent to it coming from Sandy Line and the University line. It is Salt Lake City's focal point serving as its outdoor living room. Where else in the city can you find an array of unique art projects, an ice rink, an ampitheater, a large chess board, an aviary and light wells? And at their official site, you will get more information.

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It's no wonder why the center is a very popular event venue in downtown Salt Lake City having hosted a multitude of twilight and lunchtime concerts. On weekdays, the center is jam packed with people all over gathering to enjoy their lunchtime meal with their friends, families, and loved ones. For a list of the venues upcoming events, visit the Gallivan Center's calendar of events.

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The Gallivan Center is a place where you can enjoy fun filled activities with your family, ice skate by the moonlight, rock out to your favorite band, host and design your own special event, and more. The center as you may already have an idea is quite a popular venue for family affairs such as debuts, weddings, anniversaries, and other types of celebrations, though corporate sponsored events are also most welcome. Interested? Visit, invite and follow them on Facebook if you have your own account.

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Some Fun Facts about Gallivan Center: A Great Plaza for Twilight Concert Series and More

In the heart of downtown Salt Lake City lies the Gallivan Center, a strategic urban plaza. Opened in 1993, the Gallivan Center is also known as John W. Gallivan Center as a mark of honor to John W. Gallivan.

This strategic plaza is a Salt Lake City's outdoor living room. Gallivan Center is decorated with collections of special art projects, ice rink, big chess board, an amphitheater/state, an aviary, as well as light wells.

Fun Facts about Gallivan Center:

People converge for lunchtime concerts and weekday lunches. Other numerous events keep the Gallivan Center busy, as people troop in mass. The top popular events are the summertime twilight concerts and the September weekend festival. The Gallivan Center was also a popular converging arena for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

Twilight Concert Series at Gallivan Center:

The twilight concert series is another crowd-pulling event at this Center. The concert series are organized by the Salt Lake.

Twilight Concert Information:

The concerts usually commence by 7:00 p.m, while the twilight market opens by 5pm.

Admission is FREE. Seating is on a 'first come, first served' basis. There is no fixed seating, and the concert is sure to hold as scheduled regardless of the weather. Also bear in mind that the stage area is designated 'Standing Room Only'.

You can find wide array of menu choices as well as non-alcoholic beverages in the twilight market. Outside glass containers or alcohol is not allowed, there is No Camelbacks also.

You are required to bring your ID; beer and wine purchase/consumption is strictly for people between age 21 and above. There are several locations inside the venue where you can buy beer.

Also watch out for any likely shift of venue for the Twilight Concert Series.

In all, the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City, UT is a pace of fun to the fullest; it promises a welcoming atmosphere to the visitors.

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Major Attraction in Gallivan Center: Top Popular Outdoor Skating Rinks Tours

Salt Lake City is popularly recognized as a premier location for winter sports. The Gullivan Center, located in the downtown area of Salt Lake City is a favorite spot for outdoor ice skating. It is the only outdoor skating rink in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It also has an amphitheater with lots of concerts and daily entertainment. The center has varieries of indoor and outdoor ice skating activities which make it feel more festive.

The Gullivan Center ice skating rink remains open from mid-November till the warm weather melts the ice. However, during winters, it is open seven days a week from noon till night. They also offer skates on rentals which are quite affordable.

The outdoor ice skating is real fun at Gullivan Center. They have fire pits, lights, music and decoration. The amphitheater has 1000 seats where lots of musical activities take place throughout the year.

The annual Twilight Concert Series is one of the major highlights which take place in the Gullivan Center.

Gullivan Center in Salt Lake City

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