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Hale Center Theater located in the West Valley, is established in 1998 by the heirs of Hale family. The theatre is moved from a lingerie factory, in the Alexander Street, with not so eminent sets to a hi-tech theatre in Decker Lake Drive. Prices are relatively low too, with adults charged about $26, children are charged with $15 only. It emphasizes on family entertainment with most of its staff, from writers to actors, from Hale family. To know about theatres and Halls in cities beyond Salk Lake City, follow our articles that contain information of your choice.
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Hale Center Theater Salt Lake City

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Searching for Reliable Sources of Family Entertainments in Hale Center Theater Salt Lake City

In Salt Lake City, there are many attractions involving family and friends. The most common and most reputed attraction in Salt Lake City is the Hale Center theater. The Hale Center Theater is active for about 25 years, since started in 1985.

Hale Center theater is the prime family fun venue in Salt Lake City. Even today, many events and programs in the Hale Center theater attract most of the tourists visiting Salt Lake City in Utah. You can find brief information about the Hale Center theater from the following links.

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Hale Center Theater is getting prepared for 2011 shows, events, and people already started to book their seats for their shows. At present, there are number of special shows running at the Hale Center theater, as it is celebrating its 25th year this July.

Current shows in Hale Center Theater are Born Yesterday, Tale of Two Cities, the wedding singer, The Pirates of Penance, and much more. You can also get social with the Hale Center theater and get instant info about all things that happen inside Hale Center theater.

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