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Heritage Park of Salt Lake city or This Is The Place Heritage Park is located on the East Sunny Side Avenue, Foothill Cultural District of the City, minutes away from downtown. This houses historic buildings which are rented for parties from Family Reunions to corporate events costing $495 to $995 in the daytime and evening time respectively. Adding to the pleasantries, train and carriage can be rented too. This stands as a venue for wedding and celebrations with parties hosted every now and then. To know more about heritage parks and gardens in and around the world, read our articles that cover cities and places of your interest.
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Quick Facts about Heritage Park and Must Know Attractions You Won't Want to Miss There

Heritage Park is one of the places that you wouldn't want to miss visiting for the simple reason that there are several attractions that are not only appealing but enticing too. The park dates back to 1847 when Brigham young and his entourage saw the Salt Lake Valley after 1300 mile trek and declared the place an ideal home. It was later on, after one hundred years that a monument was set to commemorate these people. Here, you will find water slides and water games for grown ups and kids too.

There are certain highlights within the park which are a must view and for this reason, it is important to note them out and as such, making touring the park easier. For instance, you can visit the old Deseret Village which signifies and represents the ideals of the mid 19th Mormon community. It is ideal to note that charges into the village will vary in accordance to the time of the year.

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The historic villages and the amenities found therein are other features that one wouldn't want to miss for the simple reason that they display how people used to live during the 1847 and 1869 period. Some of the features to look out for include; the adobe houses, shops and churches among others.

Your kids will also get to enjoy the petting zoo, train rides, and creating corn-husk dolls. This is an experience that will ensure the entire family is occupied during the entire visit.

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