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Hotels in Salt Lake City emerged well with the population and the tourists visiting the place often made the emergence quicker and qualitative. Being the capital city of Utah, Salt Lake city holds best hotels in the country from the famous five star hotels like Marriott, Little America, Great America and many more which offer world class facilities at reasonable prices. The Skyline Inn reminds one, of a royal palace of kings with its grandeur so does the Hilton hotel etc. For further reading on hotels in various cities of the country, go through our articles which are updated time and again.
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Secrets for Finding the Best Deals in the Five-diamond Luxury Hotel in Salt Lake City

As opposed to the star status awarded to hotels across the globe, the diamond status is awarded by the American Automobile Association to hotels, lodgings, restaurants and other related businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry. This award is considered several notches above the star status. The evaluation process is not only rigorous but also conducted by independent inspectors.

While Utah boasts of two luxury hotels with the 5 diamond status accorded by the AAA, Salt Lake City itself has only one and that is the Grand America Hotel. The closest to this is Stein Erickson Lodging in Park City, Utah. For a complete overview of all hotels falling under this list you should visit:

understanding the five diamond award

The AAA award covers a number of aspects concerning the hospitality industry and includes almost every element that is important to the guests. Each of these elements evaluated must offer a first class experience to the guests for the establishment to be considered for the award. Interestingly, only 0.25% of all properties evaluated across the nation finally receive the award. The award itself is an annual process retaining the award in successive years speaks high of the hotel concerned.

The Grand America Hotel with 775 rooms in Salt Lake City has received the 5 diamond award from AAA for 6 years in a row now and for travelers looking for the very seat of luxury, the 5 diamond award is in itself a guarantee of the very best that you can expect of a hotel of that class. More details on this hotel can be gathered from their official website below:

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