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Motels of Salt Lake City are a nice place to stay in. When you are craving for a pleasant atmosphere around and feeling home sick, drop by these motels that give you a homely feeling. With big players like Motel 6 alone having 8 branches in the city the contenders in the market are equally good. With the growing competition among them one can expect low fares of up to $40 to $50 depending on chosen suites and it may rise with and reach up to $90 in the motels downtown. For further reading on various motels around the globe read our informative articles.
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Reliable Guide To Most Preferred Guest Friendly Motels In Downtown Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is widely recognized as the most populous city in United States. It is blessed with exotic tourist attraction sites and historical museums. Holidaymakers and executives of every kind cannot complete their stay in this famous city without accommodation. For this reason, many hotels and motels have been established. These establishments are meant to cater for the huge tourist influx.

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There are various kinds of motels located in this city. However, it is important to put some factors into consideration before devoting to one. With this mind, there are some motels that have risen in popularity and demand. Some of these motels include the following:

Motel 6 Salt Lake City Downtown which offers amenities like rooms for the handicap, swimming pools and ample parking. It has two floors which encapsulates 109 rooms in total. Those who are interested in the services of this motel can make online reservations or visit the reception offices.

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Vacationers and business travelers can appreciate the services of the Super 8 motel which is located along Jimmy Doolittle road. Its convenient location makes it possible for people to travel for a short time from the motel to the Salt Lake City airport.

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The Scenic Motel has also proven to be another guest friendly motel. Located along the South Foothill Drive, it has twenty three rooms fitted with queen-sized beds. Furthermore, its strategic location offers easy access to the main roads and freeways.

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It is also important to consider other motels and the services they offer. This will assist in getting the one that offers the specific needs you may be having.

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Easy Tips for Finding a Pet-friendly Motel in Salt Lake City: Enjoy a Pleasant Holiday with Your Pets

What could be the best tip for finding a pet friendly motel in Salt Lake City? The answer is quite simple. Go through the list of the hotels on a website, and you may possibly find at least one motel, which would perhaps be pet - friendly motel in Salt Lake City.

List of pet friendly motels in Salt Lake City

Owning pets have become more of a fashion now days. You would find almost 70 % of the travellers seek pet friendly motels in Salt Lake City. Recent survey suggests that motels had lost their clients, just because they couldn't cater to the clients request for allowing pets along with them.

Some of the Salt Lake City UT hotels nowdays have even lowered the stay charges for guest, and had also begun allowing pets. One such example is Baymont Salt Lake City - west valley.

Baymont hotel

If you insist on asking for easy tips for finding pet-friendly motel in Salt Lake City, you are advised to look for travel sites, where you would be able to find plenty of hotels that allow pets.

Though, they may charge you a bit high for keeping pets at their hotels, but these travel sites throws plenty of options for you to choose pet friendly motels.

Travel sites to find pet friendly motels

Trip advisor and Expedetia are two of the best travel sites which give elaborate information about pet friendly Salt Lake City motels.