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Raging Waters, Salt Lake City is located in the 1200 West 1700 South, near Glendale park, serves as a water park for the city. Despite of being the city's favorite amusement park, it charges very reasonable rates of $19.95 for Adults, $7.95 for Senior citizens over 55 years of age and $15.95 for Children of age 3-11 years. This park which serves entertainment from children to elders has many hotels nearby to accommodate its visitors. To know more about amusement parks and water parks in other cities, read our articles that hold information of best places to visit.
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Visiting Utah's Premiere Water Park in Salt Lake City - Raging Waters Pumping One Million Gallons of Fun

Raging Waters is a water theme park located in the Salt Lake City. Touted as the one of the best water theme parks of the city, it sprawls over 17 acres. Exciting waterslides and half-million gallon wave pool allures both the kids and the adults to this park. To reach Raging Waters, you have to take the exit S.R. 201 from I-15. Drive down to West Valley towards Redwood Road exit. Take two right turns on Redwood Road and 1700 South and you will arrive at Raging Waters, passing a golf course.

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The park operates from 10:30am to 7:30 pm from Monday through Saturdays. On Sundays, you can visit the park between 12pm and 7:30pm. There are two types of admission rates- Pre Tax and With Tax rates. For people above 12 years of age, the fee is $20.95 as pre tax and $22.38 with tax. The pre tax rate for kid's admission is $16.95 and with tax, it is $18.11. For senior citizens, the pre tax admission fee is $7.45 and with tax fee is $7.96. The nightwater facilities are available from 4pm to 7:30pm. You have to pay $12.45 as pre tax fee and $13.30 as with tax fee.

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Spectators have to pay between $20.95 and $22.38 and they will receive a wristband as a marker. You can also obtain season passes worth $69.95. You can enjoy in the Dinosaur Bay Kiddie area, Wave Pool, Acapulco, Waimea, Shotgun Falls, Serpentine Slides, Raging Raft, Rampage, Lazy River and White and Blue Lightning. The park's trademark is the Waimea Wave which features an H2O Rollercoaster. The park provides special offers for group activities.

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