Restaurants In Salt Lake City

Restaurants in Salt Lake City are majorly concentrated in Downtown and South of the city. Some of the inexpensive, yet good restaurants in downtown are La Puente, The Hawaiian BBQ, Wendy's fast food center and Chili's. However, if you want better ambience and can spend moderate amounts, then you may consider Butterfly, The Melting Pot and Cafe Trio. Some recommended restaurants in South include Mimi's Cafe, Simply Thai, Denny's and Greek Broiler. For further recommendations on restaurants in Salt Lake city or any other city, read on our exquisite articles.
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Restaurants In Salt Lake City

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Culinary Guide: Top Restaurants You Can't Afford to Miss in Salt Lake City

Food is associated with social culture and good relationships all over the world. Where else will food be best served if not at the exclusive restaurants in Salt Lake City? These places are any connoisseur's dream.

The Restaurants here are serve Italian, Greek, Indian, Chinese, American, Thai, Lebanese and almost all the cuisines you can imagine.

Salt Lake City Restaurants

So get started to get the sizzling tastes to awaken the taste buds in restaurants that have perfected the culinary practices of kitchens all over the globe.

For the modern electric foodie the best place to savor the delicacies would be the Bambara Restaurant. It serves authentic American with slight blends of the pan Asia. The award winning restaurant continues to draw people throughout the year.

Bambara Restaurant in Salt Lake City

For the Mediterranean disposition there is the Aristro's. It specializes in Greek cuisine and it's Mezedakia (appetizers} are the best. The restaurant is run by a Greek family that follows their traditional recipes. To make matters better they also serve a wide arrange of wines to go with the food.

Aristro's Greek Cuisine Restaurant

Another Top restaurant in Salt Lake City that is a must try is Franck's Tuscany which won the best restaurant award in 2007 and is well known for its wines and martinis.

Its exclusive Italian menu has made it one of the top 1000 Italian restaurants in America. They have different unique menus for lunch dinner and then obviously dessert.

Franck's Tuscany Restaurant Salt Lake City