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Salt Lake Airport was started in 1911 and it was called as Basque Flats named after the sheep herders who worked on the desolated Salt Lake planes. It serves as an International Airport for the city of Salt Lake, also as a military base for the Air National Guard services and a hub for Delta Airlines. The Airport is the largest in the state of Utah capable of handling 300 arrivals and departures a day. For more information regarding the Salt Lake Airport and airports of other cities, refer our other articles.
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Salt Lake Airport Parking Solutions: Helpful Tips for Searching for a Cheap yet Convenient Parking

Finding a place for parking at a major airport can be very difficult due to severe space crunch. Parking slots at the Salt Lake City airport can also be very sparse, especially if during the holiday seasons. Your problems increase if you need to park just this one time.

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Let us now see what options we have in order to save on parking. Usually the most preferred to reduce parking expenses is to opt for long term parking. This is especially beneficial if you are a frequent flier and often bring your car or bike to the airport. This option reduces parking charges by 1/3rd or even 1/4th.

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Many long term parking facilities are available at the Salt Lake City Airport such as Diamond Parking and Park 'n' Jet which offer parking at very reasonable rates.

If you are staying at a hotel in the airport, you are on the luckier side since most hotels here offer you valet parking as long as you stay at the hotel. What's more you may even get extra services for your vehicle such as regular car wash.

Diamond Parking at Salt Lake City Airport

Hotels such as the Airport Inn Hotel, Hilton Salt Lake City Airport, Microtel Inn & Suites all offer parking in their hotels and you stand to save a lot of money on parking if you happen to stay at these places.

There are also many offsite parking facilities available near the airport, which significantly reduce parking charges. However, these may not always be convenient.

Park 'n' Jet Parking Facilities at Salt Lake City Airport