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Salt Lake Art Center housed in South-West Temple of Downtown offers a platform for young artists and their art. It organizes exhibitions for paintings, photography, ceramic sculptures and many more that excavates historic data captured in frames and art. The regard it gets from the people speaks a lot about the city's interest in art. It works on the motto of educating people and brings them out of the shells of traditional social and civil perceptions and also to bring out the talent from artists. We offer well composed articles to provide you with more information on various art centers across the globe.
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Updated Info of Exhibits of Contemporary Visual Art Presented in Salt Lake Art Center

The Salt Lake Art Center has the sole purpose of encouraging the modern visual art and artists with a view to educate and challenge public opinions of social, aesthetic and civil issues that affect the contemporary society. This Art Center offers modern programs and exhibitions of art, having the social and aesthetic consciousness thereby eliciting civil attitude about the serious problems that evoke response and that are considered to be provoking against the artists and other community.

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The Salt Lake Art Center is also famous for providing support to the artists who are responsible, free and are engaged in communities with important contemporary problems and who further wish to expand the role of artists in the society.

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As a part of the summer program, the Art Center in Salt Lake exhibits the Contemporary Master- the Artist designed golf in miniature with 18 fully-playable contemporary art works. The Contemporary Masters is famous for featuring the original works by some of the top Utah artists and all over the nation. This helps in exploring diverse opinions and thoughts in diverse media.

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A program called "Not Just Another Pretty Face" is looking forward to alter the Salt Lake City and bring it to the top ranks in the field of cultural center. In short, the very move of collecting art works by the local artists proves to be a crucial type of civic engagement which provides advantage to the whole Utah community.

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Even after 75 years of its establishment, the Salt Lake Art Center presents contemporary exhibitions having the social and aesthetic appeal.