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The airport at Salt Lake City is the Salt Lake City International Airport. This aerodrome was commenced in 1911 as a flat landing field. Later the airport has developed to handle International traffic with the constructions of several terminals. The airport receives fairly large air traffic and is the biggest in the state of Utah. The airport also functions as a military hub for the Air National Guard forces. The Radisson Hotel is located in the airport to provide accommodation. For more information on the Salt Lake City Airport and airport of other cities, read our article.
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Traveler's Guide to Salt Lake City International Airport: Facilities and Ground Transportation Services

The Salt Lake City International Airport is one of the most respected and reputed airports in the nation. When it comes to calculating the passenger traffic, the Salt Lake City International Airport is said to be at number 22 on the list of busiest airports in the United States and on number 59 on a global list. The previous year, 2009, saw the airport receiving traffic of 20 million people.

The airport has established itself as one of the most efficient and productive ones by maintaining a near impeccable record of schedules being followed on time and excellent performance.

The airport is a base for 8 major airlines and their subdivisions.

The ground transportation services at the airport are some of the best in the country. One can choose between bus service, cab service, shuttle service, car rental service and limo service. Salt Lake City car rental agencies of nationwide repute such as Avis, Alamo, Hertz and Enterprise have offices at and/ or near the Salt Lake City International Airport.

The airport also provides short-term parking facilities.

One can avail of a host of other services at the airport as well. These include a business center that comes equipped with all the necessary facilities for professional work such as Internet connection, fax and photocopy machines, phones with conference service and computer systems.

Onecan also access ATMs, medical facilities, rest rooms, children's play areas, restaurants and much more.

Techniques on Seeking the Best Pet-Friendly Airport in Salt Lake City: Enjoy a Pleasant Journey with Your Pets

Planning to take your pet along with you on a vacation? The Salt Lake City has several citizens who are now finding it quite easy to take along their pets for a vacation wherever they go, thanks to the pet friendly services and facilities that are being provided at the airports. If you are visiting the Salt Lake City in Utah for the first time with your pet, there is certainly no need to worry about where to stay.

Pet Friendly Airports in U.S.

Salt Lake City in Utah is one of the most popular cities in the state and attracts a number of tourists every year. The natural beauty of the city drenched in its ancient history and culture make it a city not to be missed. But slowly, more and more tourist are getting comfortable with the idea of brining their pets along on vacation to this city due to the excellent pet friendly services that are offered at the Salt Lake City international airport and the pet friendly accommodation that are located near the airports.

Tips for Traveling with Pets

Those who are traveling out from the city through the Salt Lake City International Airport and have their pets along with them can take advantage of the pet relief area that has been developed outside. The pet friendly area lies in between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of the Salt Lake City International Airport. The service animal relief area is actually located on a grassy area where your pets can relieve themselves after a long and tiring journey.

Pet Relief areas in Salt Lake City International Airport

Once you cross the security screening points, you can then ask the airline representatives for further assistance on where to find relief areas for your pet from there onwards.

Salt Lake City International Airport