Salt Lake City Attractions

There are many attractions at Salt Lake City like the Utah capitol building, Clarke Planetarium, Utah Olympic oval, etc. The Lagoon Amusement park is a beach water park with lots of entertainment and fun. Also the Trolley Square at downtown which comprises of various shopping stores, attractions, food courts for family and friends. One of the most natural and breathe taking scenery of mountains and canyons is the Cotton Wood Canyons and popularly known for hiking and bungee jumping. For list of attractions at Salt Lake City by reading our original articles.
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Salt Lake City Attractions

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Enjoy Family Fun in Salt Lake City - Top Rated Family Friendly Attractions

Salt Lake City is famous for snow skiing. Winter vacations are fun in this city. There are a number of skiing resorts which is quite popular among the tourists. The famous Off Broadway Theater and the Clark Planetarium are situated here. The Emigration Visitors District offers tourists an idea of the culture, art, history, natural resources. Another famous place is the historic Temple Square Salt Lake City and the Fort Douglas Military Museum.

The Dinosaur National Monument is popular among the children and provides easy hikes for kids to get to the red-rock canyons and dinosaur bones. The kids can see scientists at work. They also learn about the local history and geology. There are 18 real size prehistoric reptiles which keep the kids and parents awestruck.

The Great Salt Lake is another attraction popular among the tourists. The lake is heavily salted due to mineral deposits, where kids can float without the help of floats. This is a thrilling experience. The Olympic Snowflake Fountain earns a lot of popularity during the summer months.

The kids love spending time at the Cascade Springs. It is a series of small waterfalls. The Cecret Lake is a beautiful and adventurous place. It is famous for its wild flowers. Lagoon, the amusement park is a famous destination. It is a place full of thrill for all ages with a mixture of old and new rides.The Hogle Zoo is the highest paid among all tourist destinations. It covers 2 acres of land and is a home to 800 animals.

Salt Lake City Tourist Information: Must-See Entertaining Attractions and Sights

Salt Lake City in Utah is every traveler's dream destination, be it a culture maven, a history buff, a sports fan, an adventurer, an art connoisseur or a nature lover. With so much to see and do in this incredible city, the only thing that you may not find here is the time to cover all the places of interest that Salt Lake City boasts of.

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Salt Lake City Attractions

Recommended Salt Lake City Attractions

A tour of Salt Lake City's historic Temple Square is a must for every tourist who comes to the city. A popular stage for local musical talents, this Square is always buzzing with fun and excitement that is hard to miss.

The Utah State Capitol Building is a maverick design boasting renaissance values. It's being done in the murals of depression-era and was completed in 1915. Moving to the natural landscape, the Oquirrh Mountains are a delight to be beheld by the eye.

Clark planetarium turns many heads. It's because of what it offers in terms of its class and repertoire. There are laser shows, science exhibits, concerts, receptions and meetings.

The Off Broadway Theater is a magical force of music. It boasts of having sold roughly 200 shows in advance. Parody, spoof and comedy- whatever you look for, you will get tones in excess of even your best expectation.

The Hogle Zoo packs quite a punch with its endless array of delightful animals. Bears, giraffes, tigers, snakes and elephants the list is a huge one even for those who believe that fauna can never cease to dazzle.

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