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Salt Lake City Convention Center is 515,000 square feet exhibition space housing, 66 meeting room monster with an exceptional connoisseur level architectural touch. The Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center, named after Utah's 11th Governor, more commonly known as the Salt Palace, built using locally mined salt blocks, stands as a monarch convention center of the city. Often, it hosts the conventions and meetings with a busy schedule. It is considered an architectural wonder with Kent Seko trusses supporting the roof. To know more about convention centers across the world, read the collective information inscribed into our articles.
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Salt Lake City Convention Center Visiting Guide: Architecture and History

One of the most sophisticated modern buildings in the Salt Lake City, UT is the Convention Center. Located in the heart of the city near the downtown area, it is considered to be one of the ideal places for meetings, conferences, exhibitions and any public events.

The original building was built in the late nineteenth century by famous architect Richard Kletting. In its early days, it was equipped with a theater hall, dance hall as well as a racing track. However, the whole structure was destroyed when a fire broke out in the building in 1910. In the late 1960s, it was renovated completely and became a center for jazz musical concerts and various sporting activities. However the structure was demolished in 1994. Two years later, a convention center was architected that stands tall in the place and boasts of a state-of the art conferencing and meeting facilities and exhibition space. It features a grand ballroom, several banquet halls and over 65 meeting rooms and hosts a number of regional, national and international events.

Designed by renowned architect Kent Seko, the architecture and decor of the new Convention Center is appealing which infuses the historical chandeliers and carpets and blends it perfectly with modern interiors. The most striking element of the building is a 570 feet glass-wall that offers a great view of the exhibit space. The building is equipped with modern technology such as wireless networking, audio-visual aids, high-speed internet access and all the amenities required to organize high-end meetings and conferences. There is also a catering unit, a three-level parking area and elevator access.

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Travel Guide to Salt Palace the Salt Lake City Convention Center

The Calvin L. Rampton Convention Center, as the name suggests, is a Convention Center. It is located at the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, UT and is more commonly known as Salt Palace.

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The convention center has an exhibit space covering an area of more than 360,000 square feet. The walls at the Salt Palace are flexible so the sizes of the halls can be altered according to the needs of the events going on there.

To that effect, there can be as many as 8 conventions at any given time, space permitting. The facility services department takes care of all your needs during a convention. You can get telephone lines and high speed internet during the presentation or exhibit in the middle of the convention.

You can also order special security for your exhibit, if you want to keep it overnight or even over a period of days. It is possible to rent equipment from the facilities department such as lifts and operators, copiers, computers etc.

Facilities at the Salt Palace Convention Center

Another feature of the Salt Palace is the ball room which is 45,000 square feet and is one of the largest in the country. The place can hold close to 3,000 ballerinas.

Parking facilities at the Salt Palace for church events and others are also of high quality. The convention center will also provide you with catering services if you request for it.

There are many hotels near the center such as the Marriot, Shilo Inn, Hotel Monaco, Best Western, Whyndham hotel, Peery Hotel etc.

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