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Salt Lake City Entertainment has much to offer for everybody. The Utah Opera Company and Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company perform at Capitol Theatre. Cultural Celebration Center, Desert Star Playhouse, Utah Symphony are great means of entertainment. Off Broadway theatre specializes in comedies and spoofs. Hale Centre Theatre, Grand Theatre and pioneer theatre showcases comedies & dramas, musicals, classics and is ideal for family entertainment. Repertory Dance Theatre encourages and showcases American modern dance. Jordan Commons is a 40,000 square feet theme restaurant; it has wonderful attractions like Megaplex 17, Office Tower. Our articles provide elaborate information on entertainment sources in Salt Lake City and other cities.
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Info on Performing Arts and Entertainment in Salt Lake City - Ideas for Getting the Most Fun of the City

Salt Lake City has a multitude of entertainment venues and performing arts venues to provide both artistes and residents an opportunity to explore the world of performing arts like never before. With a number of theatres, clubs, drama clubs, acting companies and musical performance groups operating in the city, there is something for everyone to participate in.

The Best of Entertainment in Salt Lake City, Utah

The Pioneer Theatre Company lives up to its name by being a path breaker in the field of theatre performances in Salt Lake City. The theatre has been built at the head of Broadway and 1400 East and is a leading establishment in the city.

The theatre showcases seven dazzling plays during every annual season and has rendered splendid performances of world famous plays such as Chicago, The Three Musketeers, Romeo and Juliet and My Fair Lady.

The Pioneer Theatre Company in Salt Lake City

One can also attend a number of workshops or sign up for performing arts classes in the city to make the most of time in Utah. From gardening lessons to summer theatre programs, from art appreciation classes to lessons in poetry writing, one can find almost anything in Salt Lake City.

Cultivating Creativity in Salt Lake City

The Children's Theatre is an excellent outing for a day well spent and one can also choose to participate in the numerous activities, programs and productions to learn more about the art.

Children's Theatre