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Salt Lake City Extended Stays are appropriate saving packages for employees and businessmen who visit the city for a longer period on a business or a company's work. Salt Lake city houses many extended stays with Residence Inn by Marriott at West Douglas Corrigan Way, Candle wood suites of South park Centre Wood, Home Wood Suites by Hilton at Downtown and many more that give you exceptional services from Gymnasiums to pools etc., helping you get maximum for value for price. You can go through our articles which are not just confined to Salt Lake City, for further information on extended stays in various cities.
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Insiders' Info about the Pros and Cons of Staying in Salt Lake City Extended Stay Hotels

If you are to stay for a couple of weeks or a couple of months in Salt Lake City, you can stay in extended stay hotels that can give you a much lower rate than usual published rate of a hotel. This is an ideal place of accommodation for business travellers who goes in an out of Salt Lake City. To help you decide if this type of accommodation is right for you, read on.


Comfortable stay:

A stay in a Salt Lake City hotel can always bring you comfort. You can enjoy the many facilities and amenities that extended stay hotels offer. If you are a business traveller, you can enjoy free Internet access and you can also use the hotel's communication facilities to do your business transactions.

Good service:

If you are to stay alone in Salt Lake City, hotel services, such as room service and laundry, can take a lot of burden off your back. You can relax and do more things that are more important than dealing with things such as cleaning your room or doing your laundry.


Most extended stay hotels in Salt Lake City are near city attractions, business hubs and commercial establishments. It will be more convenient for you to go these places from your hotel, which can be a big advantage on your part.

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Not so budget-friendly:

One of the major downsides of an extended stay hotel is that price can really be high. Although you can get a big discount compared to the regular hotel rates, there are still cheaper alternatives you can avail of. You can opt to rent out extended stay apartments or vacation rentals that can cost you half of money you pay for when staying in a hotel. Apartments also provide guests with a kitchen where you can cook a meal instead of dining out or eating at the hotel restaurant- which can save you big bucks.

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