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Salt Lake City Golf is a very popular sport among both locals and visitors. Golfers are seen through-out the summer and even in the fall. Salt lake city extends the facility to reserve a tee time at any golf course operated by Salt Lake City through tee-time reservation service. Golf courses here are high rated and world famous which can be attributed to excellent services, high quality, large area & design aspects, picturesque view. Despite excellent features, the green fees are as low as $30 or even less. Read our articles for more insightful information on golf in Salt Lake city.
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Salt Lake City Golf Shows Tours Guide - Make a Memorable Experience

If you are planning a vacation to visit golf tournaments, a large number of sources in Salt Lake City help you find tickets at great discounts. The tradition of success amongst golf businesses has been remarkable as they continue to sell golf show tickets, golf equipments and accessories from online resources such as and customer services

A number of annual events keep taking place at the Salt Lake City golf arena. One of the most popular venues for golf shows is South Towne Exposition Center. One of the few facilities nowadays with free parking, the facility provides for a wide array of choices amongst putters and other equipments required in golf.

Golf courses in Salt Lake City UT

Golfing tours are also one of the major attractions in golf courses across the city. Old Mill Golf Course, located on Wastach Blvd, and is an 18-hole course, is similar to other reputed ones like Glendale, Mountain Dell and Willow Creek Country Club.

Old Mill Golf Course

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The Eaglewood Golf Course on E. Eaglewood Drive is one of the most talked about places in terms of its ambience and the large amounts of water that intersperse amidst the undulations. An 18-hole golf course, this one is also known for players with excellent caliber as members.

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