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Salt Lake City Hospitals are fully equipped to handle its patients and are some the finest in the country. Each hospital has a quick emergency response team which is coordinated with the help of local emergency services. Some of the famous hospitals of Salt lake City are Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, LDS Hospital, Huntsman Cancer Institute and the Pioneer valley Hospital. These hospitals are established to handle various treatments and illnesses of its patients. For more information regarding hospital location, facilities and their specialties, read our main article on Salt Lake City Hospitals.
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Assisted Living in Salt Lake City - A Brief Introduction to the Top Hospitals Specializing in Heart Care and Cancer Care

Like all major cities, Salt Lake City in Utah has its share of Places for Assisted Living. Hospitals and specialized areas here have state of the art facilities for people who suffer from heat and cancer related illnesses and can no longer live by themselves.

Hospitals and Organizations for Assisted Living in Salt Lake City

The Christus Marian Center is one of the best organizations providing help to senior citizens. This care center provides a solid social environment, especially conducive to those with heard diseases and cancer. They have a 24-hour staff which is extremely friendly and caring.

Facilities include individual apartments with a kitchenette having a microwave and a refrigerator, spacious rooms and a social area so that people can interact with each other. All needs such as administering medicines, laundry, therapy and other personal care are handled deftly in a personalized manner.

Assisted Living Facilities in Christus Marian Center

Promise Hospital located in the South Temple area is also excellent health care and assisted living facilities for people suffering from cancer and heart related diseases. The organization excels at long term care facilities and strive for a peaceful and pain free live for its patients.

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For those looking at an affordable option for assisted living the Sarah Daft Home offers all the facilities, but at a reasonable price. The organization takes care of everything from basic medical services and assistance to entertainment activities for patients.

Some of the facilities include cable TV, hair salon, manicures, Sunday Church services and field trips among others.

Services offered by Sarah Daft Home