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You are not left with anything to ask for if you can afford for it. People here just love it do pass their time here enjoying the luxuries of like from a clean water pool to neat and spacious rooms, from a pool game to the imported chandeliers of the hotel. With the big players like Sheraton where you get spell-bounded by the hypnotic wavy themes of the rooms and grandeur of Embassy Suites hotel where the costs range between $95 and $174 varying with luxury expected. Log into our articles and read about many more luxurious hotels in cities of your preference.
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For A Romantic Vacation - Top Rated Romantic Luxury Hotels in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a romantic city, and therefore, obviously you won't be surprised if you come across romantic hotels in Salt Lake City.

There are plenty of romantic destinations, and you would find many couples decide to spend their honeymoon in Salt Lake City, itself.

Some couples try to spend their weekends away from the hustle and bustle of their homes in other parts of the country, and come down to Salt Lake City to find romantic hotels.

Marriott salt lake city centre is a romantic hotel, with settings which would make even the most unromantic couple very romantic.

Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City is probably the best romantic hotel in the city. There is one hotel which would probably be counted as the best in the city considering the way the hotel is built. You would love the stylish and yet a very sophisticated decor and that is what makes the hotel a very romantic getaway.

The best romantic hotel in Salt Lake City - Hotel Monaco

The popular travel site Priceline has a list of very good romantic Salt Lake City hotels. Little America Salt Lake City is a very cheap hotel and you would also find the hotel a favourite with romantic couples.

Lille America Salt Lake City

Peery hotel in Salt Lake City is also one of the most romantic hotels in Salt Lake City.

Peery hotel in Salt Lake City

Tricks from Insiders: Smart Ways to Get Special Luxury Hotel Discounts

Vacations are very much needed so as to freshen up the minds and get some positive change between the complexities and tight schedules of everyday life. The selection of the destination is no doubt a prime factor, but the selection of the hotels also has an important bearing to the enjoyments in the vacation.

And if individuals have relaxing and romance on their cards, Salt Lake City luxury hotels will become all more inevitable as they avoid best services like candle lit dinners, designer bed lines, 24 hour room service and booking of theatres and concerts. But individuals having a tight budget need not worry either, as they can enjoy these services by availing special luxury hotel discounts.

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To the regret of people who have made the booking in the luxury hotels at full rates, there are some smart tricks and ways to get special luxury hotel discounts. Making use of this not only allows the user to enjoy the luxury services but also to save hundreds of dollars straight away.

Some insider tips to get special luxury discounts are:

Check the official website for the latest booking offers and packages. Send an email to get other special packages.

Ask for extra facilities like a night free or complementary dinner or breakfast.

Try scheduling the Salt Lake city vacation in an off season as whopping discounts of as large as 50-60% can easily be availed.

Check out various other travel sites like,, etc.

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