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Salt Lake City offers some of the best in movies viewing. Some of the most popular theatres at Salt Lake City are Abravanel hall, Avalon Theatre, Clark Planetarium, tower theatre and Redwood drive-in theatre. The ticket here is very reasonable and priced at $5.00. The theatres offer a variety of seating options for single seats, recliners to booth reservations for a private gathering. In all, the viewer will have a complete movie experience the way it's meant to be. For more details, information and ticket deals for movies at Salt Lake City please refer to our main article.
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Enhance Your Viewing Experience - Top Rated Places to Watch Movies in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a great destination for movie buffs. If you happen to visit the city, you will find a lot of movie theatres all over the city. Some are these are heritage movie theaters having a rich history. You will come across a number of contemporary movie theatres having Dolby Digital sound and hi-tech features. Movie theaters are packed in Salt Lake City during the weekends. So if you are planning to catch a film while your stay in Salt Lake City, you should book the tickets in advance. You will get the tickets online as well as at the theater premises.

One of the oldest movie theaters in the city is The Tower Theatre. This heritage cinema hall, set up in 1921, is the first air-conditioned cinema hall in the city. The theater also hosts the Sundance Film Festival and is owned and operated by the Salt Lake Film Society.

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Another hall worth mentioning is the Hale Centre Theatre, which was established in the late 1940s but was completely renovated and made into a state-of-the-art movie theater in 1998. The IMAX Theater located inside the Clarks Planetarium also releases latest hi-tech films.

Hale Center Theater

The Broadway Theater is also known for its great releases, good architecture and a fine cafeteria serving delicious appetizers and mocktails. There is also a large parking space. If you plan to go for a movie with your family, you can certainly bank on Redwood Drive-In Theater in the city. It is less expensive and is well maintained and releases a number of kid-centric films. The other top rated and well-maintained places include Megaplex Movies, SLC Film Center and Cinemark Movies, among others.

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Recommended Children Movies for a Weekend in Salt Lake City - Pumps One Million Gallons of Fun with Your Kids

There are very few things in the world that can match up to the joy of spending a fun filled day with your kid especially when you have come for a weekend in Salt Lake City. While there are a variety of outdoor games that you can play with your kid on a weekend, nothing beats sitting down with a bowl of popcorn to watch a fantastic movie together on your Salt Lake City vacation.

100 Recommended Children's Movies

100 Recommended Children's Movies

Parent Recommended movies for kids

Whether you choose an animated film or a standard film for kids, the experience is bound to be an enriching one. You can also select from a wide variety of genre to make the most of this viewing experience in Salt Lake City. If you are in the mood for a few laughs, select a comedy. Horror or drama movies also make for a good watch.

Finding Nemo is a super instance of a fun filled, adventure movie for your child that you can catch in a Salt Lake City movie hall. It's an animation movie about the search of a father, looking for his missing son through the oceanic expanse of the world. The heart wrenching tale, in animation format is seen to be believed.

Shrek is another all time favorite with children. You can order this movie in your Salt Lake City hotel room It is throwing sequels galore and each of them is a box office success. It's about an ogre who marries a princess. The characters are being dubbed by few of the more well known faces of Hollywood including Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy.

Harry Potter series is another grosser you can catch with your kid during a weekend in Salt Lake City. The book has been effectively adopted into a movie series and the Hogwarts has really set the weekend fun ball rolling for children.

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