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Salt Lake City News are some the most able and quick news stations in America. There's quick response and updated news coverage provide their viewers a faster and more prominent information of the activities which is been telecasted. The news teams of Salt Lake City work very swiftly, hence creating a steady competition between the various news stations. Some of the popular news stations are KSalt Lake - TV5, ABC4 and FOX 13 now. For further insights and complete details on news at Salt Lake City, please refer our article Salt Lake City News.
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A Short Intro to Popular Local News Media in Salt Lake City

If you are interested in knowing about the latest happenings around the Salt Lake City, there are plenty of popular local news media in Salt Lake city to keep you abreast about the all the latest happenings around the city.

The Salt Lake Tribune is known to be the largest circulated paper in the city. It

  • was around 2004 that the newspaper agency decided to relocate their office in Gateway Mall. For more than 100 years the newspaper was owned by Thomas Kearns, the US senator. After his death, his widow took over the company.Local News Media

    Deseret News is one among the oldest newspaper of Salt Lake City. After The Salt Lake Tribune, it is known to be the second highly circulated paper in the city. There is also Mormon Times and Church News published weekly by the newspaper. The paper was first published in 1850, 15th of June.

    Deseret News

    Standard-Examiner is a morning daily newspaper published in Utah. There are more than 63,000 subscribers who read the paper daily. The first publication began around 1869. It is known to be the third most circulated papers in the city. Sandusky Newspaper chain acquires this daily newspaper.


    Daily Herald (Utah) is widely circulated all over the city. It is known to be the first ever newspaper that was published in Provo. Lee Enterprises owns this newspaper. There are more than 36,000 who depend on Daily Herald for daily news.

    Daily Herald (Utah)

    There are also a number of weekly publications and magazines such as Salt Lake City Weekly, Saltlick, IN Utah This Week, and CATALYST Magazine that offers comprehensive news about the events in and around the locality of Salt Lake City.

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    Salt Lake City in Utah is one of the most significant cities in the entire country with many latest happenings. The public generally depends upon the traditional news sources like the newspapers, magazines and the television to know about the latest news around.

    Media in SLC

    In the recent times, the new sources of media like the internet have emerged and the trend is shifting from the traditional sources to the new ones. This article discusses the sources of news that are most prevalent in the Salt Lake City.

    Many local newspapers are published from the Salt Lake City, significant among them being the Salt Lake Tribune, Standard Examiner and The Daily Herald. The Salt Lake Tribune is the largest circulated newspaper in the city, with about 130 thousand daily readers.

    Salt Lake Tribune

    Apart from the daily newspapers, Salt Lake City also has a wide range of weekly, fortnightly and monthly magazines and news journals. CATALYST magazine, which was first published in 1982, is the largest circulated magazine in the region. Another significant magazine of the city is called Salt Lake City Weekly. As the name implies, it is published once in a week every Thursday and focuses on the lifestyle of the local people.

    CATALYST magazine website

    Coming to the broadcast media, KUTV is the most watched local news channel which goes by the slogan "Utah's Source for Breaking News, Weather and Sports". It has nation's well known journalists and reporters and is known for its show called 2 News, which is the most complete package of the local news in Salt Lake City.

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