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Salt Lake City Public Library is an architecturally distinct library with a five story building which was selected as Library of the Year 2006 by Library Journal. Built over 22,000 square meters and with 34,370 cubic meters of concrete as well as 16,385 square meters of glass, it has one of the largest graphic novel collections and largest and even the oldest zine (fanzine) collection. Its unique features include Art gallery and Children Library, Three Glass elevators and a grand staircase. The roof top garden aggravates the beauty of the Library. Continue with our articles that give you complete information about public libraries in various cities.
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Interesting Facts about Salt Lake City Public Library: Branches, History and Library Building

One of the main tourist attractions of Salt Lake City is its public library network and is located in the downtown area. Set up in 1898, currently, the library has five more branches across the city including Glendale, Anderson Foothills, Rose Park, Sugar Park and The Avenues. The main library is renowned in terms of its architectural beauty. Spread over an area of 240,000 square feet, the library has a huge collection of books, newspapers, magazines, CDs and computers with internet access.

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The library was set up in a small way and was an initiative of the local folks in the city who felt the need of a community library. Until then, here were a few private libraries in Salt Lake which were run by affluent private individuals or groups.

In 1905, the library received a huge donation from John Packard, a rich local businessman and expanded the main building. Later in mid-1960s, the Salt Lake City public library shifted to a new location in the downtown area and the old building was converted into the Hansen Planetarium. Meanwhile, the library started spreading out its wings across the city in the 1960s. A number of new sites were acquired and five new buildings came up across the city.

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The main building is extremely well-architected and appears like a five-storied arced glass wall. The area itself is called library square, an open space which has been paved beautifully by Israeli limestone and features a coffee shop, several shops and studios. Its other attractions include a beautiful rooftop garden, three glass elevators and a separate children's library.

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Visitor's Guide to Salt Lake City Public Library - A Great Place to Hang Out

Salt Lake City Public Library is one that is suited for you if you are looking for a book that will tell you about a remodeling project or a school assignment or repairing your car or for pleasure reading. The Main library is in Downtown and has five branches spread all over the city and you will be surprised to find one next to your home or work place. Three-way access to book catalogs, online, phone or drop-in will tell which book is on the shelf.

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The new main library in the Utah Salt Lake City is an envisaged idea that came true with a building that is more than repository for books and computers. This building commemorated in 2003 has room for growth and collection of books. The six-storey curving and walkable plazas with shops and services at the ground level have reading galleries facing stunning scenic views of the city and Wasatch Mountains. The building also has a rooftop garden with elevators and 360-degree view of the salt lake. Usually filled with natural light the library also has lighting fixtures to avoid glare and infused lightings.

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The city has a large number of collections containing a numerous number of books, children's library containing access to space for coats, backpacks and strollers, room for babies, multimedia equipments with educational programs all to cater to the needs for fulfilling the requirements of children's imagination. The canteen is something that is envisaged to attract young teens to the library for reading in a place to relax in the cafe. 600 newspapers and magazines subscribed by the library also continue to maintain back issues in microfilms seems to continue.

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Other facilities will include audio-visual technologies like audio cassettes, compact discs, video cassettes, DVDs and CD-ROMs with visual arts in print and slides. There are training labs offering nearly 42 computer stations and internet access.

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Take Your Kids to Salt Lake City Public Library for Fun and Education

The Salt Lake City Public Library offers various types of educational activities for both adults as well as children irrespective of the fact that you are a visitor or a local resident of the city. You will get the opportunity to read or research using the materials and internet facilities of the library accessible to all.

The main branch building of the Salt Lake City Public Library has structure that is architecturally unique in the city situated at 210 East 400 South of Salt Lake City, Utah. The main wedge-shaped library building spreads in an area of 240,000 ft2 and about five-story tall. The library is equipped with about 500,000 books and has subscriptions to more than 60 newspapers as well as magazines. It also has 163 computers with active internet connection.

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The best feature of the Public Library building is its five-story curved glass wall which is the main source of light to the whole library providing natural lighting. You can use the underground parking facility of the library which is free only for the first half an hour. After that you are charged $1.50 every half-hour.

The Salt Lake City Public Library has an art gallery which displays the masterpiece of local and popular artists. The library has one of the biggest collections of graphic novels. Further, it has the largest zine collections of nearly 6,000 zines, and a great number of reference books. Also you can let your children access the children's library section. The main building of the Salt Lake City Public Library has a spiral grand staircase with three glass elevators.

You will be amazed to see the spiralling fireplaces on all four floors which bear a resemblance of a column of fire when you view it from 200 East as well as 400 South. You will find a lens located at the southern side of the building to keep the building warm during winter months. There is also a coffee Shop which connects the Young Adult's Section with a private staircase.

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Some Fun facts about Salt Lake City Public Library System - For Fun Reading

Salt Lake City public library is one of the biggest libraries in Salt Lake City Utah, which is the capital City of Utah. The city has a population of about 200,000 people and is located near the Great Salt Lake making it one of the most attractive cities in the world. Having a public library at the Lake City is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to its residents.

The library has six main branches within the city which include Anderson- Foothill, Day-Riverside, Chapman branch, Sprague branch, Corinne and Jack Sweet and the main branch which is located at the south shore of the lake.

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The most interesting thing about the library is its programs. It has separate programs for babies, kids, teenagers, as well as for adults and this makes reading more fun. The programmes are designed to accommodate families of all ages. It provides fun activities as all kids are well taken care of.

The programs for kids and adults are called Make a Splash, one for babies and toddlers is known as Little Surfers and the one for teenagers is known as Summer Survival. The library is sufficiently facilitated with books of all kinds specific for each age group.

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The library also has unique services which include Ask a librarian, books and search, Classes at the library, Community resources, meeting rooms and suggestions for purchase loans.

The process of finding books in Salt Lake City public library simple since it's equipped with easy to use search databases. The databases are available both alphabetically and by subject. It is therefore simple even for teenagers to use them. For those who may not know how to search the book on databases, there are enough librarians who through the 'ask the librarian services' guide users of all ages.

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Info about Music at Salt Lake City Public Library Local Music Showcase for Music Lovers

The fondness that most of the people of Salt Lake City share for music finds its reflection in the various music shows and live performances that are a part of the daily life and almost every weekend in the city.

Salt Lake City Public Library Local Music Showcase

One of the most prominent places where the music talent of the entirety of Salt Lake City can find a platform to show case their talent is of course the Salt Lake City Public Library. The Salt Lake City Public Library through the interactive program Music @ Main is one of the predominant forums of music in the city.

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Almost every form of music finds an expression here with special performances of acoustics as well as modern forms of compositions. Perhaps what makes the performances even mores special is the special silence that characterises the public library of the Salt Lake City, which forms a bond between the audience and the performer. Most of the performances take place in a special glass chamber that is specially designed for musical performances.

Other platforms

Some of the other platforms that the musicians of Salt Lake City can opt for include the various music stores, most of which also offer a makeshift stage on the days of special events.


You could also try out the other restaurants that also offer budding and promising musicians of the city with a platform of exposure where they can reach out to the rest of the citizens to carve a niche for themselves. However, the role of the Public Library at Salt Lake City is of course unquestionably the best venue to catch a glimpse of the budding music talent of the city!