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A vacation spent at Salt Lake City is easy and quick. The city has a number of vacation rentals which give its customers a complete experience of one the oldest cities in America. The prime center of all the fun, entertainment and activities are the Church Square for shopping, food, attractions and excitement. There is also a wide variety of rental options for houses, cars, taxis and hotel rooms which keep the vacation energetic. For more details on vacations in Salt Lake City and other cities, refer our main article on vacations.
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Enjoy Your Salt Lake City Vacation - Top Must Visit Tourist Spots

The most heavily populated city in America and also the capital city, Salt Lake City is one of the most favored tourist destinations in the whole world. A group of Mormon Pioneers built the city in 1847 under their prophet. The Utah State Capitol Building for various reasons is one of the most visited places on the world.

The Utah State Capitol Building is a beautiful construction built in the Renaissance-style and in the rotunda it features depression-era Murals, which discloses many events from the past life of Utah. You can view the elegant Oquirrh and Wasatch mountains. The architecture of this place is indeed remarkable.

The Fort Douglas Military Museum located inside the grounds of the Utah University has 3 distinct buildings featuring workshop areas, administration offices, artifact's storage, library and various exhibits. The museum also offers a gift shop, a tank park and cannon. You can also take help of educational programs here to know the place better.

The next place of massive attraction here in Salt Lake City is the Off Broadway Theater. This is the best spot for comedy in the city. With wacky spoofs, parodies, Broad-way style shows and many more events the place is always performing something hilarious for amazing guest entertainment. The troupe's have performed more than 200 shows here and all of them have sold out. Thus from the many places of attractions in Salt Lake City these are the ones we have chosen for you visiting in the Beautiful American city of Salt Lake.

Relax Next to the Lake: Great Ideas for Having Vacations with the Whole Family in Salt Lake City

There are lots of things to see and do in Salt Lake City. There is always something for everyone- making it the perfect place for a family vacation. You can visit historical landmarks and museums, art and cultural establishments, entertainment hubs, tourist attractions and recreational areas. On top of that, you will get to relax next to the Mother Nature and get to experience Salt Lake and the Wasatch Mountains.

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Places to visit:

While in Salt Lake City, you can visit Utah's Capitol Building. You can also visit historical places like the Fort Douglas Military Museum, Gardener Village, Clark Planetarium, Trolley Square and the Heber Valley Historic Railroad.

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For kids:

If you have your kids with you, you can take them to the Lagoon Amusement Park located north of the city downtown. You can also visit Utah's Hogle Zoo where your kids can enjoy watching hundreds of exotic animals like tigers, giraffes and elephants.


For world class entertainment for the entire family, you can watch a play or two at the Utah Opera Company or watch great performances at Ballet West. For some comedy, you can try getting a seat at the Off Broadway Theatre or watch live plays at Hale Centre Theatre.

Nature tripping:

If you want to explore Mother Nature in Salt Lake City, you can always go biking or hiking with your family and view the beautiful sceneries of the city. Aside from the Salt Lake and its mountains, you can also visit the Lava Hot Springs and Mt. Timpanogos Cave.

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