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Salt Lake City zip codes have also been helpful in realizing the amount of area within and outside the city. The zip codes 84101 to 13 (except 07), 84116, 84128 and 84180 come under Salt Lake City directly. 84107 belong to Murray. 84115 code is for South Salt Lake and 84119 & 20 zips are for West Valley. The zip code 84101 (Downtown) is a very busy place with several restaurants and hotels. You can find more details about zip codes of Salt Lake City or any other important city in our additional articles.
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Salt Lake City Zip Codes

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Travel Made Easy - Guide to Salt Lake City Zip Codes and Area Attractions

Salt Lake City shot into prominence when it hosted the winter Olympics in 2002, the city has many attractions for tourists to visit and learn about the city's historical past.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the city is the Temple Square, a symbol square of Christians, as you would find visitors who come to the city usually love to come to the place, and watch he beautiful square.

The best place to watch in Salt Lake City

If you love travelling to theatres and watch shows or take part in auditions, then off Broadway theatre in Salt Lake City is perhaps, the best place to be in the city. The theatre is stationed in downtown salt lake city, and you would love the environment of the place.

Try and arrange a trip to Hogle zoo, the zoo is one of the better places in Salt Lake City, where you could visit along with your family.

There are places near zoo, you could choose to shop.

Attractions in Salt Lake City

Want to know about the zip codes of Salt Lake City Zip Codes make your search of city destinations very easy. Browse through the Salt Lake City's zip codes, and find your location with ease.

Zip codes for Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a city of historical landmarks and tourists destinations. Go through the link below to gain additional knowledge of the city.

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Basic Info for First Time Visitors to Salt Lake City: Salt Lake City Zip Codes, Traffic Routes, and Hot Resorts

Salt Lake City has a great inflow of tourists and the first time visitors will find it difficult to get a hang on the various places and address, their routes etc. Here is simple and basic information about SLC.

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To enter the city through the freeways, one must either take the I 15 that is the North/South freeway or the I 80, which is East/West freeway. Both these freeways intersect in the city though. The streets in the city are numbered in multiples of hundred, and it starts from Salt Lake City downtown. Example, taking 2 blocks south of downtown will take you to 200 South.

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The zip code of Salt Lake city starts from 84101 and ends at 84199. The airport falls under the zip code of 84116 and this area is the largest among all the zips of SLC. There are several hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and offices in the heart of the city. The central city is a very vast area covering an area that needs three zip codes, 84101, 84102 and 84111.

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There are also many resorts, which are the hotspots for tourists flying all the way to SLC for a nice getaway. The Snowbird Ski and Summer resort (zip 84101) is a nice place to chill out at any time of the year. The place is easy to reach via the Belt Route from the Salt Lake City airport.

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Solitude Mountain resort is also a good ski resort and is a bit far off from the main city. Next is the Brighton Resort (zip 84121), which is located on the East Big Cottonwood canyon road.