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Utah Museum of Natural History is located in the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. It has got exhibits of natural history subject. The main objective of this museum is to get humans closer to what their predecessors use to experience. This museum came into being in the year 1963 in the University of Utah campus. George Thomas Library was being occupied by this museum and it included exhibits from the Deseret Museum and Charles Nettleton Strevell Museum. There are many exhibits being updated monthly. Discover more museums in Salt Lake city by reading our articles.
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Utah Museum Of Natural History

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Chain Info about Programs for Kids Offered by Utah Museum Of Natural History: Help Children Inspire Passion for the Natural World

Utah Museum of Natural History (UMNH) strives to educate children and adults on the importance of nature. The museum conducts many programs throughout the year to make people understand the role of humans and why is it vital to respect nature. However, the programs targeted or children are really impressive and educative, let us see how the museum imbibes passion for natural history on the young minds.

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Children are allowed to participate in the Science for Kids program, where they are trained and edified about the various aspects of a scientist, studying different perspectives of nature. Later, the kids are let to work on some hands on activities in anthropology, biology, geology and paleontology.

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The girl scouts program includes badge activities on nature and it may also include overnight stay at the museum. Nevertheless, the overnight programs will require a booking in advance. The boy scouts program includes studying fossils, minerals and rocks, about dinosaurs etc. After completely exploring the museum, a Boy Scout patch is earned.

Summer camps and spring break camps are also held at the UMNH for students from kindergarten to ninth graders. In these camps, a variety of things about nature are taught to the students, from outer space to backyard ecosystems.

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The motives of the camps are to educate children on the basics of science, engineering, technology and math; this also includes a study on aeronautics. The camps also include adventure activities and interactive events where the kids can work with the artifacts of the museum.