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Utah State Capitol is in Capitol Hill, Salt Lake City, Utah. Utah State Legislature containing the Governor of Utah and other members of the legislative group are all belonging to this capitol. Its construction began in December 26, 1912 and completed on October 9, 1916. Its dome is covered with copper mined in Little cottonwood Canyon. In 2004 the Capitol was closed for restoration and what is called a seismic upgrade. The restoration was first of its kind on such a large scale. To know about important buildings in Salt Lake city and other big cities, read our additional articles.
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Travel to Utah State Capitol: Exploring the Unique Art, Architecture, and Its History

The architecture of the Utah State Capitol is one of the major areas of study for various students and governing bodies in the area of civic constructions. The place holds a breathtaking history concerning high office holders and the lives of American people who were amongst the early settlers in the region.

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Built by Richard KA Kletting in 1911, the Utah State Capitol today stands as one of the most well maintained American heritage buildings, and is known to have influenced about 70 similar works amongst government buildings, murals and portraits.

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The interesting history dates back to the late 1880s when Kletting had arrived in Salt Lake City quite unintentionally, following his lost baggage en route to Denver. An architectural firm in Salt Lake City hired him a day later.

Guided tours in Utah State Capitol are available free at intervals of one hour. You can avail these tours between 9 am and 4 pm on weekdays. This proves to be a great facility and service, since the place holds a number of interesting anecdotes. Evening tours are available by appointment only, and they are held at 5, 6 and 7 pm. You can book a group tour, especially if you intend to take your family, corporate teams, school students and any other group to visit the fine piece of architecture.

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