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Utah State Historical Society was formed in the year of 1897, on 22 July. It was formed in Salt Lake City by seven citizens led by Jerrold Letcher. It was created on the 50th anniversary of Mormon arrival. It was set to encourage historical research and collect and give information about Utah's history and prehistoric past. Many trials of including history of Utah's involvement in world war 1 and 2 were ended in vain. It in present day is a successful society with a museum in the university of Utah which contains 3500 artifacts. Learn more about Utah state history from our educative articles.
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General Information about Utah State Historical Society Museum - A Popular Tourist Destination

The Utah State Historical Society Museum is a well renowned and famous museum located in Utah that has been working non stop in the preservation and documentation of the vibrant history of the state. The museum organizes a number of exhibits, shows and events that are aimed at educating the people around the world about the traditional heritage of Utah and its priceless contribution to the country.

The Utah State Historical Society Museum is a kind of a knowledge source from which it hopes that the future generation can learn and understand more about their ancestors and their lives. In fact, you could say that the history of Utah is saved in the corridors of Utah State Historical Society Museum.

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For many years now, the Utah's State Historic Preservation Office has been assisting people, societies, communities, the general public and various agencies in preserving, surveying, researching, treating and designating the historic structures and buildings in the state in an attempt to conserve the heritage of the state monuments.

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The Research Center and Collections center in Utah State Historical Society Museum is a must visit. The center is the place where the physical elements of Utah's history are preserved. A large number of books, maps, photographs, newspapers, periodicals and manuscript collections are available at the center for research and collection. You can also get details about it online.

Utah State Historical Society


So, if you are interested in learning about the state and its archeology, you should make your plans today to visit the Utah State Historical Society Museum today and delve into the enriching historical background of this beautiful place.

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