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Weather in Salt Lake City is semi-arid which makes it a perfect place for vacation and fun with family. The weather is fairly similar throughout the year and touches a blistering 42° C on a really hot summer day. It receives light showers between the months of March to May. Due to the hilly terrain and the Salt Lake the weather fluctuates throughout the year. In all this weather makes the city a perfect destination. For more details and information on the weather condition at Salt Lake City, refer our main article.
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Weather In Salt Lake City

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Strategies for Making Proper Preparation for All the Weather Conditions at Different Resorts in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the capital of the U.S. state of Utah. There are mainly two types of seasons in Salt Lake City, semi arid and continental. Summers are long, hot and dry. While winters are snowy, spring and fall are brief but comforting. Spring season is the wettest season.

There are large temperature variations between summer and winter season. Average summer temperature is 35 degrees and winter temperatures can be as low as sub-zero.

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Salt Lake City Weather

There are many resorts in Salt Lake City. It is a well renowned ski destination. Winter time activities include:

- Snowboard

- Snowmobile

- Cross Country Ski

- Heli Ski

- Ice Skating

Summer time activities include:

- Hike

- Mountain Bike

- Golf

- Campgrounds

- Water Parks

To enjoy the resorts in winter time, the best months to go is during the ski season: from mid-November to May.

Best time to visit in spring is from March to May and autumn is from September to November.

It is always advised to carry extra warm cardigans and woollens when headed towards the Salt Lake City in the winter times.

Make your hotel bookings well in advance as winter time is peak time for tourists. You can get ski gears for rent from Salt City Lake itself. If you want a low rate hotel, weekends are a good option. You can find cheap deals.

If you don't want to go for skiing then avoid winter times as the temperatures can be very harsh in winter times.

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