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The weather of any city is a vital part of its development in terms of investment, infrastructural growth and tourism. Salt Lake City has a rather stable weather conditions compared to other major cities in the west. The temperature is a high as 41° C in summers and gets as low as 2°C in winter. The city also receives a fair share of rainfall due to its semi-arid location between the hilly mountains and the Great Salt Lake. For more Weather details and updates of Salt Lake City, refer our article.
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Salt Lake City is situated at the base of the magnificent Wasatch Mountains and is booming economically and also revolving with a faster pace. So, while most of the travellers limit their activities to the city center, many tourists visits the place for enjoying their outdoor recreation activities throughout the Salt Lake Basin. Rooted in history, rich in technology, the Salt Lake City is surrounded by the beauty of landscapes.

Some of the Salt Lake City attractions include: Salt Lake City Amtrak, Governor's Mansion, Classic cars International antique Auto, Salt Lake Repertory Theatre, University of Utah, Utah State Historical Society and many more. Temple Square is the heart of downtown, and it is the most visited location in Utah. The Temple House also contain the Beehive House and the Lion House.

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The climate of Salt Lake City varies from season to season. It's very dry, with 14-20 inches of precipitation per year. Summers are hot, long and particularly dry, while winters are cold and snowy. So, winter is generally a poor time to visit the Salt Lake City. Daytime temperature is 25 degrees F to 50 degrees F. Lower temperatures are usually below freezing from 0 degree F- 18 degree C.

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