Interesting Facts about Salt Lake City Public Library: Branches, History and Library Building

One of the main tourist attractions of Salt Lake City is its public library network and is located in the downtown area. Set up in 1898, currently, the library has five more branches across the city including Glendale, Anderson Foothills, Rose Park, Sugar Park and The Avenues. The main library is renowned in terms of its architectural beauty. Spread over an area of 240,000 square feet, the library has a huge collection of books, newspapers, magazines, CDs and computers with internet access.

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The library was set up in a small way and was an initiative of the local folks in the city who felt the need of a community library. Until then, here were a few private libraries in Salt Lake which were run by affluent private individuals or groups.

In 1905, the library received a huge donation from John Packard, a rich local businessman and expanded the main building. Later in mid-1960s, the Salt Lake City public library shifted to a new location in the downtown area and the old building was converted into the Hansen Planetarium. Meanwhile, the library started spreading out its wings across the city in the 1960s. A number of new sites were acquired and five new buildings came up across the city.

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The main building is extremely well-architected and appears like a five-storied arced glass wall. The area itself is called library square, an open space which has been paved beautifully by Israeli limestone and features a coffee shop, several shops and studios. Its other attractions include a beautiful rooftop garden, three glass elevators and a separate children's library.

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