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The system of Light rail or rather known as Transit express (TRAX), happens to cover a major part of the travel guide Salt Lake City. Its most marked contribution is its services to the University of Utah. It grips up to one-third of the trips to the university which benefits the surroundings with less jamming of street vehicles in highways and hence allowing more space for parking facilities.

Travel Salt Lake City on this two-lined light rail and explore places like South Salt Lake, Midvale, Murray, Sandy and Salt Lake City. This even runs up to the Salt Lake City International Airport and also to the fringes of West Valley City, South Jordan and Draper.

Light rail was the first to be introduced in Salt Lake City. After surviving a lot of disputes and criticisms Light Rail construction started in 1997. But during this period Salt Lake City had to endure a lot of protests which stated that light rail was a waste of money and was not safe.

But now TRAX enjoys a lot of public support and as a result the extension of the University Line and University Medical Center has been finished much in advance. Light rail allows you to Travel Salt Lake City right from the morning, with trains running directly from Sandy to the University via Downtown, which take the reverse route as well.

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Salt Lake City, Utah: TRAX Light Rail

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Travel guide Salt Lake City gives you a detailed information about the light rail which has 28 stops, running for approximately 31.3 km, boarding street level and accessible through the front door. Light rail services are being enhanced by expanding the University line, introducing many Infill stations, extending the Salt Lake Central station, constructing a new line to West Valley Line, Airport line, with the purchase of additional vehicles and many other numerous projects for development.

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