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The live music scene in Salt Lake City forms an important part of the Salt Lake City's culture, nightlife, heritage and pride. Any tourist visiting the city would be suggested to try out some of the most highly acclaimed music festivals staged in different parts of the city.

The city's pride - the International Jazz Festival is a great treat for any visitor interested in Salt Lake City Utah travel. The performers at the city's live music events come from various parts of the world. Slowtrain is one of the most popular venues to go and visit some of the city's best live bands. The venue is located on E. Broadway in downtown area of SLC. The facility also houses a record store and the website is a reliable source of information on stock updates.

Slowtrain website

In the Venue is another great place recommended for tourists and music lovers in general. The popularity of this place is overwhelmingly evident from reviews and information on trusted resources. The place has its schedule of live music events and offers one of the most varied catering when it comes to taste. The tickets are available online and you can book them by going to the page linked below. A great source of night entertainment IN the Venue is definitely not to be missed with its popular menu.

Events schedule at In the Venue

Some of the classic favorites as live music venues are Zanzibar, Liquid Joes and the Hard Rock Cafe. You can be witness to some of the world's best musicians perform jazz, blues and rock classics at these venues and the bar services are considered to be excellent for the major part. Outdoor concerts are held in The Red Butte Gardens primarily. It always makes sense to get Salt Lake City travel deals with an accommodation close to any of these venues.

A list of live music favorites in Salt Lake City

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