Mind Your Manners - Basic Dining Etiquette When Eating in Salt Lake City Restaurants

If you are a connoisseur of food, you are sure to enjoy your stay in Salt Lake City as there are wide arrays of restaurants in Salt Lake City. Right from Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Greek to American bistros, Sushi bars, steakhouses, cafes and Asian restaurants you have a wide choice to make from.

In case you are looking for something that is more exotic then you can go for the most delightful ethnic mix that includes everything right from Afghan to Vietnamese. While visiting these or any other restaurant, table manners play an important role in creating a favourable impression. Restaurant table reservation is like any other appointment hence you need to stick to the timings.

If in case you are unable to make it on time, make sure you inform the same to them or cancel in advance as far as possible. Make sure to remove the napkin from the table, unfold it and spread on your lap the moment you get yourself seated. The meal at a restaurant usually begins when a host or hostess unfolds her napkin.

Never be in a hurry to start your meals and wait till your food is served. Always eat to your left and drink to your right. You can follow either of the two styles (American or European style) while using your knife or fork. Once you are done, make sure you rest your fork with tines up and knife blade in.

These simple SLC dining etiquettes need to be abided by while eating in restaurants. There are several popular restaurants located in different parts of Salt Lake City specialised in catering to specific dished. In case you are looking to have Japanese or Sushi, visit hotels that offer Japanese cuisine and fresh sushi. Further details about these restaurants and prices charged can be gathered online.

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