Never Miss Gallivan Center - the Focal Point of Downtown Salt Lake City

Gallivan Center is a famous urban plaza settled in the heart of downtown area of Salt Lake City, Utah. It was opened in the year 1993 and is also known as John W. Gallivan Utah Center, which is named in the honor of John W. Gallivan.

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The center is located between State and Main and 200 South and Broadway, which serves as the Salt Lake City's outdoor living room. It is furnished with an assortment of unique art projects, light wells, ice rink, an amphitheater/stage, large chess board, and an aviary.

Crowd is usually seen here for weekday lunches, as well as during lunch time concerts. Then there are countless events held, so as to fill the Gallivan Center with people. Especially, the place is popular as summertime twilight concerts. Visiting here in September will dish out the opportunity to attend the str2Blues and Brewsstr2 festival, which is held in the one of month's weekends. The center was recognized as a popular gathering place during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

Next is the Kazuo Matsubayashi's Asteroid Landed Softly Sundial that is one of the outstanding features set inside the plaza. Again the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City is owned by the Gallivan Center.

Events to Be Held At Gallivan Center

Salt Lake City Public Services is partnered with an RDA which provides the high-end management, programming and maintenance. Both of these entities are set working towards establishing a public space that has the usefulness to serve a recreational, educational and vocational site.

Gallivan Center Public Services

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