Salt Lake City Nightlife is a visitor's paradise especially on a tired night after extensive touring. If you are thinking of retiring to bed with aching bones, just let the Salt Lake City nightlife bring you back to life for another day.

A peaceful city, the environment in the downtown area is simply mind blowing with a great spread of live music pubs, discotheques, nightclubs, lounge bars, breweries and many other entertainment facilities in the city.

Most of the facilities host interesting and crowd pulling events which range from DJ competitions to a wide range of themed events. Renowned bands are known to frequent the city pubs, especially on weekends.

SLC Bars and nightlife

Bliss Nightlife is one of the major names when it comes to bringing the city alive at night. Utah is famous for the events hosted in this facility which includes the glitzy Hottest Ladies Night (available on their website).

The Mardi Gras events are a big crowd puller every year and the Bliss is definitely one of the places to be in. Sandbar is another popular place for people to stick in their night plans to. The facility offers great DJ services and may also be contacted for private party hiring. The place offers a friendly host of services and a photo gallery is presented on their website for you.

The Bliss Nightlife website

The Sandbar gallery

For a travel in Salt Lake City Utah the best way to lay your night plans would be to ensure that your favorite nightclubs are located at commutable distances from your accommodation facility. A private transport would be advised for revelers in case you have to travel more than a couple of miles between nightclubs and hotels. Travel in Salt Lake City can be difficult in the nights with certain public transport services not plying in the wee hours of the morning.

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