Off Broadway Theater in Downtown Salt Lake: a Hot Spot for Comedies, Musicals and Plays

Off Broadway Theater (OBT) in Salt Lake City is almost 2 decades old, and has steadily become one of the popular places for theater professionals to attend workshops, auditions and other interesting events. Located in Downtown Salt Lake, it has also gained recognition amongst most citizens in the city who have the habit of visiting theaters and plays once in a while. Visitors to the venue are enthralled to find some of the best comedy plays staged at the venue.

OBT plays and staging seasons

The venue is known for some of the most hilarious spoofs of Hollywood movies and popular stories. Home to one of the improvisational comedies and musical shows, the venue is known to have grown the OBT Improv Troupe. The troupe has earned its name through frequent staging of quality performances over the last few years.

You may also find two teams of actors in competition for the most hilarious performances. The plays are not necessarily political or containing politically biased humor. Since they are based on more popular themes, such as legends and myths, kids and adults of all backgrounds have a gala experience.

OBT on

OBT on

Hotels in Salt lake's Downtown areas help visitors find a conveniently located accommodation especially if they are interested in the upcoming events at the OBT. Embassy Suites Hotel, Residence Inn (Marriot), Little America Hotel, Hotel Monaco are some of the popular hotels in the area around the OBT.

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