One of Utah's Top Visited Attractions for Family Fun - Guide to See Housing Animals from Diverse Ecosystems in Utah's Hogle Zoo

The Hogle Zoo is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Utah. It was opened in 1931. It encompasses 42 acres of tree-lined pathways. Here the visitors can see around 800 animals. It is considered as fun-filled educational venue for the visitors.

Hogle Zoo Attractions

The train ride is a popular attraction in Hogle zoo. The ride is available at regular interval throughout the day. The price of the tickets for a zoo guest is $1.50. And if you happen to be a zoo member the entry fee is $1.00. Another major attraction in the zoo is the conservation carousel. Here the visitors can view 42 hand-carved animals and two accessible chariots. The ticket prices per person for this attraction is $2.00 and for a zoo member is $1.50.

Programs in Hogle Zoo

There are some daily programmes held in the Hogle zoo like Pachyderm show, Bird show, and Discovery amphitheatre. In Pachyderm show, the animals perform different activities like bowing, returning keeper's hat etc. The visitors can see variety of birds like parrots, eagles, hawks, owls etc. during bird show. Eco-Explorers delight audiences with live animal presentations in the Discovery Theatre.

Shopping at the Zoo

The tourists can also do shopping too in the Hogle. The Wild Zootique situated near the main entrance of the zoo has got different kinds of merchandise. Another shop Bear Essentials and Rentals is located in the west of the Wild Zootique, It has all the stuffs like hats, sunglasses, cameras etc required for trip to the zoo.

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