Your travel in Salt Lake City Utah is made trouble-free with its public parking facilities. Free metered parking for two hours on Saturday, Sunday as well as on holidays is available. On weekdays the parking meters are implemented from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Downtown Salt Lake City Parking map

Salt Lake City travel guide makes you acquainted with its limitations in a very specific manner. It also provides you the facilities and the fine ways of parking. For example, you should not stop or park your vehicle near a side walk, in front of sidewalk vicinity, near a railway crossing, fire station, underpass, street tunnel, park, playground and other such areas.

You should not even move your vehicle to any prohibited area, or near any prohibited sign markings and ordinances. All these above mentioned restrictions make your travel in Salt Lake City Utah safe and secure.

Interesting Facts about Parking

Salt Lake City travel guide supplies you with a catalog of companies where parking facilities are made available. Some of them are Diamond Parking, Park'n Jet, Mpco system parking, Firestone Building Parking, Convenience Parking.

Other such organizations provide you with commendable services. Salt Lake's leading airport parking facility provider, Park'n Jet, offers additional services like off-airport parking, car wash for free, free newspaper and bottled water, maintenance. It has undergone various other expansion programs facilitating the customers.

Park 'n Jet

Other parking service suppliers like the Diamond Service Providers had been one of the initial and foremost parking facility suppliers known worldwide. They monitor any issues related to parking design, equipment, management, all of which are produced in minimal costs. It helps you to avoid airport traffic congestions and make traveling easy. They located at Anchorage, Salt Lake City, and Spokane.

Diamond Airport Parking

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