Parks in Salt Lake City

The SLC parks are a source of refreshment in every natural way possible. With most of them located not very far the airport, tourists who travel in Salt Lake City are availed with the convenience of putting up in one of the nearby hotels in order to enjoy the benefits of natural greens. A great seating of the city against beautiful mountain ranges adds to the attraction of the greens, as the weather can be charmingly fresh and on the chillier side.

Open spaces and large areas are significant in SLC parks and a high level of maintenance is evident amongst well maintained greens and shrubberies. National Park Services is one of the most frequented visits in the city and is famous for its natural beauty, besides hosting public addressing programs.

National Park Services website

Wheeler Historic Farm is a must visit for tourists who travel to Salt Lake City. Apart from providing visitors with breathtaking scenic beauty, the park is also popular to host events and boutique shows. From parties to day camps in summer, the park is a great venue for all kinds of entertainment and fun events.

Visitors to the farm are also availed with the opportunity of having their share of farm chores which is a great attraction as a tourist especially if you are traveling wit kids. Milking cows to gardening, it's all there to be done.

Wheeler Historic Farm website

Sugar House Park and Shop, Liberty Park, Memory Park, City Creek Park and Fairmont Park are amongst the prominent parks with adequate information provided on their websites. The parks are known to provide the locals with ample space for jogging, resting, healthy fresh air and setting up their own picnic sheds to enjoy the summer afternoons.

Parks on government website

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