The restaurants in Salt Lake City offer a wide range of cuisines coming from various parts of the world. A large selection of the city's restaurants is sought after amongst tourists and visitors who travel Salt Lake City Utah, and each one is famous in their own special way.

Some of the facilities are known for having becoming classics amongst the locals, some are hyped, some serve excellent food, and some others have a widespread menu to be awed at. As a tourist in Salt Lake City Utah, you are availed with a number of attractive restaurants around most of the hotels and inns, especially in the downtown area.

Dinning in Salt Lake City downtown

Restaurants like Squatter's Pub Brewery, Christopher's Sea Food and Steak House, Bambara (Hotel Monaco) are amongst the most heard of in the city. They offer an excellent spread of multi cuisine menus and wine lovers find a heavenly experience in each of these facilities. The other facilities offer American, Thai, Chinese, Lebanese, Indian, Italian and Greek Cuisines.

One of the favorites for a varied menu and the healthiest spread is One World Cafe, run by a group of altruistic visionaries, who serve different communities besides being one of the prominent names in world food programs. Barbeque restaurants are also a rage with names like Q4U and Sugar House Barbeque Company drawing large crowds, especially on weekend afternoons.

Link to a Lebanese Menu in Cedars of Lebanon, Salt Lake City

Shogun - Japanese restaurant

Given the widespread choice of restaurants in the city, sea food joints, middle-east specialties and coffee houses are frequented by tourists as well. As tourists who travel Salt Lake City UT, you also have the option of hiring restaurant premises for a day or an evening for private celebrations.

List of SLC restaurants

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