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Salt Lake City clubs provide space for people of all ages, most of the newer clubs being the trendy ones, attracting younger crowds. Quieter clubs in and around the city include farm clubs and a number of golf clubs.

The club scene has a great contribution to the city's nightlife, and most of them are known to host excellent DJ performances while the city dances into the day. The clubs in the downtown area come as parts of major hotels at times and Salt Lake City UT travel is definitely made easy for tourists putting up there. The live music scene is also vibrant in the city clubs as a number of renowned performers are hosted for the crowds.

List of Salt Lake City clubs

Hiring nightclub venues is a common thing to do if you are looking to party with a big group. The nightclubs offer to provide all kinds of services like DJ music, food and beverage, customized lighting and a lot more. The shows and performances at the pubs include exotic dances, stand up comedy acts and theatrical performances as well. A comfortable night out in the city can suffice for two within $20 in most clubs. In case you are going for a sumptuous dinner, you can add another $5 - 10 to the estimate. Tourists find Salt Lake City travel deals quite easy when it comes to night outs.

Club guide for areas in and around SLC divides the SLC bars into categories - 21 & Over, Live Music, Smoking Permitted and Rock n Pop. Besides being an excellent preference maker, the site also gives detailed information on various pubs and clubs in the city. The site also hosts reviews of the major bars and clubs.

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