Salt Lake City Golf Courses

The city's golf courses include a list of reputed facilities like Bonneville, Jordan River Par 3, Nibley Park, Forest Dale and Glenn Dale. The golf courses vary in facilities, number of holes, ground undulation patterns and playing charges.

Most of the golf courses are available on a membership basis, while visitors and tourists who travel in Salt Lake City Utah can visit the courses on a weekly or a daily basis, as the travel plans may allow. A number of golf courses serve as the city's traditional favorites for many decades, like Bonneville - the second oldest in the city.

Overview of SLC golf clubs

Mountain Dell Lake is a highly reputed 18-hole course located a little more than 12 miles from the downtown area of the city, although the course is an unpleasant challenge for some - keeping in mind the undulating terrain underneath.

The course's main attraction is its location at an altitude of 6000 feet from the sea level. A great source of pleasure for all kinds of golf lovers, tourists would be strongly advised to visit this place marked with scintillating beauty.

If you are looking for a golf course and you happen to be one of the very aesthetically sensitive, Glendale is should serve as your haven. Known for its maintenance of the greens and the surrounding vegetation, the golf course has a great name amongst locals and tourists.

Mountain Dell info

Rose Park is another course if you are ready for challenging mounds. The place is filled with water-flows and most of them add to difficulty of playing there. The facility gets its name from the lush rose fields frequently seen by visitors as one of the best places to photograph according to travel guide Salt Lake City sources.

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